Permaculture is not only a design technique that uses the ancient knowledge of Nature herself, but it can even be a lifestyle and perspective in itself. These concepts cannot only be put into effect on a home, farm or agricultural level, but can also be utilised in business, relationships, methods of government, financial systems and anything else that needs to be set on the straight path of sustainability. It is different to organic farming because for instance on an organic farm one could have a single crop (monoculture) growing for as far as you can see, for miles around. Even though this is classified as organic, this is not natural, which seems to be a contradiction. Instead, permaculture creates high biodiversity on even the smallest patch of land. Creating complex eco-systems of life forms that all support each other in a symbiotic relationship that one would see if they sat and watched the processes and relationships in a rain-forest or other eco-systems. So it’s basically inviting Nature to co-exist, realising that we ourselves are a part of Nature and that Nature herself is the greatest teacher.
The current situation on this planet, that has arisen from our dis-respect and dis-connection from nature, is suicidal and insane. To be alive on Earth now, And to be conscious of what is going on is a very overwhelming experience. It is all too obvious, that we are in a time of destruction that has never been seen before.  It currently seems that there is a lot of information available about the fact that we are in ‘crisis’, an emphasis on ‘problems and catastrophe’, ‘disaster’ and even ‘Armagedon’. But on the other hand there does not seem to be enough information about ways that we can take to move forward, or  information about solutions, creative designs to make a change, or confidence-building for us to be able to break free from old moulds of non-sustainability. Every second that passes by in our seemingly worthwhile lives is a complete waste of time, if we are not respecting the future generations, that have not yet been born. For example, we must save ‘heritage seeds’, we must protect species, we must cultivate more respect for the larger being that we are all a part of (the bigger picture). And one of the most important of all is to learn the Ancient Wisdom that is being lost in every moment, as Indigineous cultures and their knowledge are being lost and destroyed.

It has taken us Billions of years of learning and experience to get to this point, And in such a short time, in particular in the last one hundred years, we have destroyed so much.

Tastylia (Tadalafil) Purchase 20 MG To just tell a human to ‘go back to nature’ will not work with most people. So a very smart man called Bill Molison constructed a design theory and perspective called Permaculture. Which was ‘packaged’  in a way that the human brain could understand, digest  and be put into practice by anyone. So Permaculture, in a way, is a new name for ‘Nature’, ‘realistic lifestyle’ and ‘Reality’. 

We cannot and do not want to change the world with force. That job has already been taken! Instead We only use Inspiration, through sharing, teaching and demonstrating.

Simply put… If we cannot become balanced with nature, then we are at risk of wiping out the possibility of future generations being able to live and survive on this planet. So we must at least partly put aside our own selfish interests within this lifetime, and work hard to get back to a good direction. So that future generations could have the blessings to fulfill there dreams in this place where dreams can come true. But for their dreams to come true, we must wake up!